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Polymer Boulevard Remixes

The Ebertbrothers – Polymer Boulevard Remixes
Mindwaves Music, 2023

Music by || Axel Ebert, Michael Ebert
Remixes by || Cocktail Party Effect, Ex.Hale, HoeHLE, Karsten Pflum, Mezolozyde, Ravn Jonassen, Serge Geyzel, The Ebertbrothers, Ultra Deep Field, V4R1

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Lauri Lest / Sander Saarmets - reMoulded (single)
Flatfish Music, 2023

On a rework of Moulded, one of the most delicate pieces from Lauri Lest's sophomore album Affect / Reflect, Sander Saarmets reimagines the electronic landscapes through the eyes and circuits of his favourite instruments.

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V4R1 - V4R1 (LP)
Grainy Records, 2017

V4R1 is the eponymous debut album by a Taiwan-born audiovisual group created by two Estonians – Sander Saarmets, composer and Virge Loo, visual artist. The material, recorded from 2012 to 2016, draws inspiration from the mystical island of Formosa, its nocturnal cityscapes and immense forces of nature.

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Ulmeplaadid, 2005

Muschraum's debut album Naterijeka is characterized by calm, sunny, even dreamy atmosphere of remoteness, drift in a forgotten and regained time. The listener is in a wide open space for hearing, thinking and being. The space is not vacuous, however; it is full of motion, rhythms and warm vibes. Combining orthodox melodic electronica, abstract sound experiments and minimalism and acoustic instruments as violin and piano.