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_____________News & upcoming events

    20.01 – REGIONAL_EXPRESS opening event - live modular performance with Gemischter Chor Altmünster, Salzkammergut 2024, Bad Ischl, Austria


    19.12 – Scrapyard 3.5 with Ensemble for New Music Tallinn & Dizlerim Küpsis at Sveta, Tallinn
    16.11 – ORCHARD AV live with Liudmila Siewerski at Café Babette, Berlin
    01.11 – Signals modular concert at festival AFEKT, University of Tartu Narva College, Narva
    19.10 – ORCHARD AV live with Liudmila Siewerski at Üle Heli festival, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn
    17.09 – New INTERVIEW with Jana De Troyer about my web installations @ WEBSOUNDART
    13 - 23.09 – Participating with Liudmila Siewerski at a the group exhibition "THE SOFT AND THE HARD", SHOWROOM, Potsdamer Str. 93, 10785, Berlin
    24.08 – ERSO V4R1, HALL, Tallinn
    04.08 – Late Night Modern: "Nature as Signals" modular set at Kammermuusika Fotografiskas, Fotografiska, Tallinn
        || and the sky turned yellow was selected as one of the recommended works at the 69th International Rostrum of Composers in Hague, Netherlands.
    26.04 – Ensemble New Music Tallinn, Tallinn Creative Hub
    30.04 – Ensemble of the Estonian Electronic Music Society, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn
    01.05 – Ensemble U:, The Concert and Theatre House of EMTA, black box
    07.05 – Ensemble U:, Tartu Heino Eller Music College
    Performances of CONFLUENCE (2021), and the sky turned yellow (2022) and a premiere of Phantom Trails (2023) at the Estonian Music Days festival.
    02.02 – (((transponder))) at Vorspiel 2023 - Performances with Clemens Schöll, Liudmila Sierwerski & Sander Saarmets, Alte Münze, Berlin
    02.02 – Remix release day: reMolded - a rework of Lauri Lest's single "Molded" is now available on all platforms.


    03.12 – VJ OPEN LAB#31: Liudmila Siewerski & Sander Saarmets / Charlotte Wie Der Fluss, PANDA platforma, Berlin
    24.11 – Premiere of and the sky turned yellow by Ensemble for New Music Tallinn at Sound Plasma Festival, Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin
    08.11 – Premiere of Artefactourism: rumours and ruins performance with original live music, STL, Tallinn
    30.10 – Premiere of Shards for flute and electronics at Afekt Festival, Genialistide Klubi, Tartu
    24.09 – Ääniaalto Festival: Merle Karp x Sander Saarmets, Vapaan taiteen tila, Helsinki
    08.07 – Suveune öönägu: V4R1 modular live, ULM, Tallinn
    06 - 09.07 – Bohdana Korohod, Daria Khrystych "performing inscribed trajectories: a play in walks", BALTOSCANDAL
// MAY
    18.05 – inklingroom 18.05.2022, HALL, Tallinn
    29.03 – Improtest: Sander Saarmets / Doris Hallmägi, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn
    04.03 – UNUSTA/FORGET opening event | Sander Saarmets + Jan Kaus,, Tallinn


    27.11 – Nature as Magic: AV Bridges | Sander Saarmets + Merle Karp,, Tallinn
    22.10 – Üle Heli: Eksperimendid horisondiga vol. 4 - a new composition for Ensemble U:, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn
    02.10 – TMW 2021: Üle Heli & Skaņu Mežs Night, Winkel, Tallinn
    09.10 – World Premiere of A Pile of Ghosts at the AFFR Architectural Filmfestival Rotterdam 2021
    KIPATAUW is displayed at the 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival | Online | 20.09.21 - 31.10.21
    28.08 – EES: SIRAKAS, Copper Leg Residency, Estonia
    14.08 – ÜLE MAA HELI, Maajaam, Estonia
    Ella Raidel x Sander Saarmets video installation Ghost Hits Wall dispalyed in Pavilion 0 at the Venice Architecture Biennale.
    Sander Saarmets becomes a member of Estonian Composer's Union.



Sander Saarmets is an interdisciplinary composer, sound designer & electronic musician hailing from Estonia.

Starting from the 2000's electronic scene of Tallinn, Saarmets has been on a constant sonic expedition that has led him to places like Taiwan, Sweden, France & Germany. He has studied electronic music at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and is a proud member of the CoPeCo alumni.

During his journey, he has created solo and ensemble works, music and soundscapes for film (e.g. Everyday Mysticism & A Pile of Ghosts), contemporary dance (e.g. Ainukordus & Artefactourism), galleries (e.g. We Will Always Have Paris & Ghost Hits Wall) & runways (e.g. YUFASH SS20 at New York Fashion Week). In 2023, his composition and the sky turned yellow (2022) was selected as one of the recommended works at the 69th International Rostrum of Composers in Hague.

He has released albums under the monikers of Muschraum (Ulmeplaadid, 2005) & V4R1 (Grainy Records, 2017).

Sander Saarmets is a member of Estonian Composers Union and Estonian Electronic Music Society.